Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of care and services are available at your center?

We offer comprehensive services that include both short and long term care services. Individuals seeking care after a recent illness, surgery, or other medical condition may need short term rehabilitative services or skilled nursing services. Those seeking long term care may need services that are no longer available in the community. We provide a wide variety of services and a strong clinical approach that ensures that each person is provided the plan of care to meet their needs.

2. What type of insurances are accepted?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, managed care plans, and many commercial insurance plans.

3. What type of opportunities are available for socialization and activity participation?

We offer a full range of activities that offer many choices to residents with a wide variety of interests. We also have transportation available for activities outside of the center. Our goal is to continually expand and plan programs that meet all needs and desires, including social, spiritual, and recreational.

4. What type of therapy services are available?

We offer Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Aquatic Therapy services. We evaluate each person to develop a program for various specialized needs. Ongoing assessments assure that we are meeting our goals to ensure the highest quality of life for the individual.

5. What is a restorative nursing program?

We want our residents to maintain their highest functional status with their activities of daily living and mobility. Our program not only functions to maintain, but to help regain the highest achievable level of independence.

6. What type of Dining options are available at the center?

Our facility offers excellent food choices and our residents may choose to eat in the dining rooms or in their rooms. Many choose to do a little of both, depending on their schedules. We have numerous food choices and diet options available.

7. Are Physician Services available at the center?

Yes, we have a Medical Director onsite several days a week to care for our residents. Residents also have the opportunity to choose outside providers and specialty medical providers to meet their needs.

8. Are Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, and Audiology Services Available?

We can arrange appointments for services both in and out of the facility, depending on individual needs.

9. Are transportation Services Available?

Many options are available to meet all transportation needs.

10. Does the center have internet access for guests and residents?

Free Wi-Fi is available and assistance can be provided to set up various devices.

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